Mergers and Acquisitions

In the process of acquiring or establishing a business in the United States from overseas or in another country from the United States or elsewhere, it is sometimes advantageous to merge with a company in the target country or to have a company in that country merged into the acquiring company.

While it is sometimes best to simply buy control or even all of a company, there are situations in which significant savings in time necessary to acquire permits and licenses can be realized by merger. The effect on taxes of the countries involved in most international business purchases or startups can be of significant importance and mergers can play an important role.

Acquisitions and mergers can be very helpful in acquiring the ownership and control of intellectual property and of securing the use of an established good name. In some situations the purchase of control of a company authorized to sell securities to the public and the merger of a company into that public company can save a great deal of time and expense.

Great care is necessary to be sure one is not buying the unknown problems of another when a merger is undertaken or a company is acquired. The corporate and Limited Liability Company experience and International Law experience of the attorneys of Hendry, Stoner & Brown, P.A. is useful in negotiating and completing corporate or company acquisitions and mergers.

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