Business Startups and Company Formation

Business Startups and Company Formation

We routinely guide our clients through the process of establishing a business, including the formation of corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships. We explain the choices available to them, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of entity, and the tax ramifications and liability effects of each type of entity or business structure. Once a business structure has been chosen, we prepare the legal documents to establish the company, explain certain operational aspects and legal issues relating to the chosen company structure, obtain the company's federal employer identification number, prepare the bylaws or operating agreement, ownership certificates, stock transfer register, organizational minutes and similar formation documents. We also discuss with our clients certain licensing requirements and other important matters. In most situations, we provide the above-described representation on a flat fee basis.

Registered Agent Service and Company Maintenance

Every company doing business in the State of Florida is required to appoint a registered agent and maintain a registered office for the purpose of receipt of legal service of process. Normally, in the event of a lawsuit, the sheriff's office or a private process server will deliver the summons and complaint to the registered agent at the registered office for the company. In the event one of our clients is sued, and the process server delivers the summons and complaint to our office, we immediately log in the receipt of the summons and complaint, scan the summons and complaint to a service of process file and contact our client for delivery of the summons and complaint. With this process, we ensure that our clients timely respond to a summons and complaint, thereby avoiding the possibility of a default judgment due to a failure to timely respond.

Our experience has been that business owners are typically so busy with running their businesses that they fail to observe the formalities that relate to operating a corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership. In fact, it is not uncommon for a company’s corporate/company book to be blank. As result, it can be difficult for a company to prove that it has complied with the applicable statutes, as it has not prepared minutes or written consents of the most important actions of the company. Also, IRS routinely inspects corporate/company minute books during audits.

In order to ensure that our clients have complied with the applicable statutes, we offer a company maintenance program, which includes service as registered agent and registered office for the company, preparation and filing of the required annual report with the Florida Department of State and preparation of the base annual minutes and/or written consents. We charge a modest annual flat fee for this service.

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